Heidi Kalbe, Analytics Evangelist

What is an Analytics Evangelist?

A new role has been created in the team at The Information Lab: the Analytics Evangelist. But what do you, our clients, have to gain from this? Heidi Kalbe explains her new position, her vision behind the role, and how it benefits you.

[The Information Lab] Heidi, ever since July our clients have noticed a new title in your email signature. Can you tell us more about that?

[Heidi Kalbe] I’d love to! Many of our clients already know me as a Business Intelligence Consultant. Since July 1st, 2020 I’m also working as Analytics Evangelist. This role combines my technical expertise, which has previously been my primary focus, with marketing, sales, and theatrics. My new title may sound a bit biblical, and its etymology is really not that far off: I represent The Information Lab’s mission as preacher of data-driven corporate governance in order to convert the public to the lifestyle of a company-wide analytics culture.

[TIL] You mentioned a few terms that may seem a bit abstract. In what sense do you see yourself as a preacher, for example?

[HK] I’ve already spoken at numerous events in the data community all over the world in recent years. I actually see myself less as a preacher, but rather as a motivational speaker. I have so much enthusiasm for visual data analytics within me, I simply overflow. And that’s how it carries over to the public around me.

[TIL] And what about the theatrics you mentioned?

[HK] Oh, the theatrics. (Laughs.) When researching my new role, I found this term and had to laugh. I knew at once, this is it for me. Mind you, theatrics are not about pretending. Rather, by using the right words, I turn my enthusiasm into inspiration, and that’s how I can show ways to overcome challenges with the help of our mission.

[TIL] So you’re saying our clients see you just once, are permanently enthused, and will never be in touch with you again?

[HK] No, it doesn’t quite work that way, I’m afraid. We don’t talk about a mood curve, rather than a mood line, for nothing. And anytime that curve declines – which will happen in everyday life – it’s my turn to get in touch, to bring the mood up again. As a missionary, I am always available – outside of training and projects and deadlines – to provide some diversion and help inspire new creativity and curiosity. We don’t simply want to meet our clients on a technical level, but also on an emotional one. As Analytics Evangelist, I don’t want to simply make the implementation of new software and culture bearable; I want to make people enthusiastic about it.

[TIL] That’s quite the aim!

[HK] That it is. But only by reaching high can we accomplish great things. At the end of the day, I – same as everyone at The Information Lab – simply serve to think beyond our clients’ visions and carry them further.

[TIL] As well as carry them out.

[HK] As well as carry them out, of course. But where our clients may ask for sturdier cardboard for their same old box, I help them, we help them, to think and move outside the box.

[TIL] Do you believe this new role of yours will appeal to our clients?

[HK] Yes, I strongly believe that. I also believe that not everybody will instantly recognize the benefit I can be to their business. But that’s what I’m here for: to uncover additional values and to support our clients where they may not even have known that they could use some support. And yes, I do believe that this will hold some appeal for them.

[TIL] Fingers crossed. Is there anything you would like to add?

[HK] I would like to ask our clients for their trust. I will not be perfect from the start, or know all the options, or get everything right. But The Information Lab is yet to steer you wrong, and we certainly don’t intend to start now. I’m on fire for our mission of an encompassing analytics culture, and I want to share that fire with you. Please give me as well as yourselves a chance to tread new paths and to achieve great things together. You will not regret it.

The Analytics Evangelist: a preacher for data-driven corporate governance and a company-wide analytics culture. She is part of an existing network or develops such a network to provide new impetus and contribute to the community at large. She is driven by her passion and wins you over with her inspiring charisma, authentic content and communication.

You want to learn more? Get in touch with Heidi to have all your questions answered or to talk about next steps for your company.