Label Continuous Month Axes in Tableau

You are showing your data by continuous month and want to label your date axis in a way that makes sense for your use case? These are the custom values you should know:

  1. m (1 m): single digit numerical value of month (e.g. 1, 7, 12)
  2. mm (2 ms): double digit numerical value of month (with a leading zero from January – September)
  3. mmm (3 ms): three-letter abbreviation of month (e.g. Jan, Feb, Mar)
  4. mmmm (4 ms): full word of month (e.g. January, October)
  5. mmmmm (5 ms): single-letter abbreviation of month (e.g. J, F, M) – please use cautiously as this may confuse users if you only have data for January, June and July

This tip was part of the Tableau Speed Tipping session for Beginners hosted by Annabelle Rincon and myself at Tableau Conference 2022. For more tips, see full list.