About Heidi

I first got in touch with Tableau back in 2017, when I was still working as a software developer. Nowadays I keep telling everybody that I knew at once that Tableau was the tool for me. The truth is, however, that I started out with Tableau the same way many of my clients today do. I expected it to be a fancier version of Excel, and thus to work exactly the same way as Excel. Imagine my disappointment!

It took Tableau a few weeks to grow on me. After that, however, there was no keeping me away from the tool. Wishing to bring my passion for a company-wide analytics culture to others, I decided to start as a Business Intelligence Consultant with The Information Lab Deutschland GmbH, turning passion into profession. Since then, I have brought that same enthusiasm to numerous projects and to trainings for over 400 new and experienced Tableau users.

The only thing I love more than Tableau are alpacas.

Heidi Kalbe, Analytics Evangelist @ The Information Lab