Advanced labelling options in Tableau

These are tips 4-6 of my Tableau Speed Tipping session. Refer to the Table of Contents to find the other tips.

  1. Labelling using reference lines

Ever thought to label above or underneath bars? Using labelling options in the marks card won’t help us here, but you can always add a reference line per cell, label using values. Format this reference line, make it invisible and align the labels to the left and down.

  1. Labelling using Gantt bars

You want to label your bars with a field that is not your measure value, but still want to label the inside end of the bars? The marks card alone will again forsake you here.

But you can simply duplicate your measure in the columns/rows container (whichever one you are using), change the marks type to Gantt bar, and label with your chosen field. Left-align your labels, create a dual axis, synchronize your axes, and hide the secondary axis – and you have your labels on the inside end of your bars. Depending on your values, you might want to fix your axis to start at zero.

  1. Quickly print to PDF with different filter settings by using Pages

Find details on how to do this in this blog post.