Tableau Speed Tipping: 20 Tips in 20 Minutes

Hello #DataFam,

this is the promised blog post about the twenty-one tips I showed in my speed tipping session for the #DataFamCommunityJam episode 7 and for #VizConnect season 2 episode 21. If I had put everything in one blog post, this would have become one beast of a post, so I decided to split everything up into eleven easily digestible posts. Don’t worry, you won’t need to work yourself through all the posts in order to find that one tip you were looking for. Use this table of contents instead:

  1. Use UTF-8 characters in your formatting
  2. Format zero values and replace numbers with text without changing the field type
  3. Create a bubble chart with shapes by using UTF-8 characters in a word cloud
  4. Labelling using reference lines
  5. Labelling using Gantt bars
  6. Quickly print to PDF with different filter settings by using Pages
  7. Hold Alt+drag to select characters underneath each other in calculations to remove comments
  8. Rename ad-hoc calcs using comments
  9. Automatic renaming of persisted fields using comments
  10. Zoom axis using parameter
  11. Use viz in tooltip to colour tooltip backgrounds
  12. Use ad-hoc calc to reach custom colour palettes
  13. Colour historical all-time highs using RUNNING_MAX
  14. Converting string to geo fields
  15. Colour map background
  16. Shade background using floating container
  17. Shade background using Set Action
  18. Creating instructive dashboard overlays
  19. Use Highlight Action to deselect
  20. Move floating objects faster using Shift+Arrow
  21. Use floating text objects to show hints for developers

I hope these tips serve you well and allow you to accomplish more in Tableau and save a few seconds every day!