Annabelle Rincon and Heidi Kalbe in front of a full room at Tableau Conference 2022, ready to start their session Tableau Speed Tips for Beginners.

Tableau Conference 2022: Speed Tips for Beginners

When I first started using Tableau, I had to teach myself how to use it. Later on – weeks and months and even years later – I would learn tiny hacks that made using Tableau infinitely more convenient. At Tableau Conference 2022, Annabelle Rincon and I shared some of these tips for you. To make your Tableau journey faster and easier, I have collated my tips below. Annabelle’s tips are featured on her blog.

  1. Right-click drag
  2. Default properties
  3. Calculated fields
  4. Four drop zones of an axis
  5. Find sheet usage
  6. Use specific colours
  7. Separate colour legends per measure
  8. Five ways of labelling above your horizontal axis
  9. Label totals in stacked bar charts
  10. Label date axes
  11. Format differences using UTF-8 values
  12. Remove Abc in text tables
  13. ALT shortcuts
  14. Instructive overlays
  15. Copy & paste dashboard items – FINALLY!
  16. Switch out sheets
  17. Swap root in data model

A shorter version of our session was available for the virtual TC22 experience. It does not contain all the tips we showed live in Vegas. You can find the recording here.